India’s electric vehicle (EV) market is witnessing a groundbreaking shift as major manufacturers such as Tata Motors, MG Motors, and Mahindra are spearheading a substantial reduction in EV prices. This decrease is attributed to the reducing costs of battery cells, paving the way for more affordable and accessible electric mobility. In this article, we delve into the notable price drops across popular EV models, including Tata Nexon.ev, Tata Punch.ev, Tata Tiago.ev, MG ZS EV, MG Comet and Mahindra XUV400

EV Price Decrease by Tata Motors:

Leading the Charge Tata Motors, a key player in India’s EV landscape, has initiated a significant price reduction for its top-selling products, Nexon.ev and Tiago.ev. This move is a direct response to the decreasing costs of battery. The table below illustrates the variant-wise price adjustments:


Tata Tiago VariantsLaunch Price

Jan’24 PriceFeb’24 PriceJan,24 to Feb,24 DifferenceLaunch to Feb,24 Difference
XE MR8.498.697.997000050000
XT MR9.099.348.993500010000
XT LR9.9910.299.99300000
XZ+ LR10.7911.0910.8920000-10000
XZ+ Tech Lux LR11.2911.5911.3920000-10000
XZ+ LR (Fast Charger)11.2911.5911.3920000-10000
XZ+ Tech Lux LR (Fast Charger)11.7912.0911.8920000-10000

it is evident that the base model Tiago.EV has seen a substantial reduction of 50,000 from its launch price. However, the XT LR, the most popular model, remains unchanged from its launch price.

Naxon EV

Tata Naxon VariantOld Ex-Showroom PriceNew Ex-Showroom PriceDifference
Creative Plus MR14.7414.4925000
Fearless MR16.1915.9920000
Fearless Plus MR16.6916.4920000
Fearless Plus S MR17.1916.9920000
Empowered MR17.8417.4935000
Fearless LR18.1916.99120000
Fearless Plus LR18.6917.49120000
Fearless Plus S LR19.1917.99120000
Empowered Plus LR19.9919.2970000

Nexon.EV showcases a significant decrease, with Fearless LR witnessing the highest reduction of Rs. 120,000, followed by Empowered with a Rs. 70,000 decrease.

MG Motors

MG Motors Decreased EV Prices: MG Motors has contributed to the evolving EV landscape by introducing an entry-level variant and reducing prices across the ZS EV and Comet models.


MG ZS EV VariantsEx-Showroom Price Before Oct’23Ex-Showroom Price Oct’23Ex-Showroom Price Feb’24Difference
Executive  18.98 
Exclusive Pro27.9025.9024.9892000

Comet EV

Additionally, MG has reduced its Comet prices as well, making it more accessible:

MG Comet VariantsEx-Showroom Price Oct ’23Ex-Showroom Price Feb ’24Difference

Mahindra XUV 400

Mahindra XUV 400 EV Price Decrease: Navigating Competitive trend Mahindra has joined the price reduction league by slashing the base model prices of the XUV400 by 50,000:


Mahindra Xuv400 VariantsEx-Showroom Price Oct’23Ex-Showroom Price Feb’24Difference
EC 34.5 K kWh15.9915.4950000


The evolving landscape of EV prices in India signifies a promising trend, driven by the reduction in battery costs. With key manufacturer like Tata Motors, MG Motors, and Mahindra leading the charge, electric mobility is becoming more affordable and accessible to the larger population. As Tata Nexon.ev, Tata Punch.ev, Tata Tiago.ev, MG ZS EV, MZ Comet, Mahindra XUV400, showcase reduced prices, the electric revolution in India is poised to acceleration to eco-friendly transportation.